5 Steps to Sanding and Refinishing Your Wood Floors

5 Steps to Sanding and Refinishing Your Wood Floors

Get the shine out of your wood floor again by sanding and refinishing it. This is an easy thing to do despite how difficult the terms may appear to you. By taking advantage of the following 5 steps to sanding and refinishing your wood floors, its beauty will bring some life back to the room.


  1. Take Note of Your Floor Condition: Although you can sand and refinish most wood floors, it is wrong to assume that what works for floor A will equally work for floor B. Floor conditions are determined by lots of things including usage and typre of wood. So, the first thing to do is determine your grit sequence. Very hard woods and damaged floors require will mean that your first grit pass will be coarser, as an instance. Be prepared to sand your wood floor aggressively based on your honest assessment of its condition.


  1. Use The Right Tools: Getting the job done requires that you take advantage of the right tools. With the aid of a drum sander, make a grit pass on your floor After drumming the rooms you selected, use an edger to sand out drum marks at the edge wall. What you get is an edge area that matches the field. Since you may have to do multiple grits, it is important to sweep or vacuum your wood floor after each session. Each grit step will get finer in your sanding sequence. Here is a look at the different sanders you can use.


  1. Examine Your Wood Floor: This is an important step that ensures every perimeter of the floor matches. Multi-tools with small, triangular edges work well for this stage. A flashlight should be employed, if necessary, to inspect the entire perimeter. Hand sanding is a great way to remove visible edger swirls.


  1. Do Your Final Cleanup: One thing to take note of before cleaning up finally is that a perfect blend may not exist yet. To be double sure that your wood floor turns out fine, make use of a 100 or 120 grit to blend the sanding cut made by both the drum and the edger. A tough vacuum will work just fine after this.


  1. Apply Your Coat of Finish: Get that shiny look you want from a wood floor by applying a coat of finish. they bring out the beauty of your freshly sanded floor. While your floor may be dry in a day, allowing it to dry for 2 days remains the best practice.


These easy-to-follow steps works even for a novice who has never sanded a floor before.

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