Restoring Your Parquet Floors

Restoring Your Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring has been around for over 400 years and it was originally used in the homes of the wealthy and the royal castles throughout France.  Parquet flooring is still used today although it is not just for the wealthy anymore.  Many people cover or replace their parquet floors because they think they are too difficult to refinish.  Because the pieces in a parquet floor are at ninety degree angles it can be challenging to sand.  Restoring your parquet floors is well worth the trouble they look gorgeous when you are done.  Here is how to do make them look new.

Hire a Contractor

While you can go rent a drum sander and get the job done quickly but that is probably not the best solution, especially if you want to keep your floors in good condition.  If you have never sanded floors before  then there is a good chance you can scratch gouges in the floor or mar the grain on your parquet floor.  Get a professional flooring specialist who has worked with parquet floors before.

Doing it Yourself

If you insist on doing it yourself rather than bringing in a flooring contractor then you may want to start with an orbital sander.  Yes, it may take a while to get the job done but it’s a good way to make sure that you don’t damage your floors.  It is far easier to control a handheld sander than one of the bigger floor sanders.  Not only that these sanders are going to make far less of a mess for you to contend with, most come with a bag similar to your vacuum cleaner so you only have to empty the bag every once in a while.

The wide open part of the floor can be done with a belt sander, it will help you get the project done faster.  When it comes to the edges you are going to have to swap it out for an orbital sander to the finish off the floor in corners and around the edges.

Change the Sandpaper for a Better Finish

If you want the best finish possible on your floors and really want to bring out the grain of the wood then change the grit of the sandpaper.  If your floors are in rough shape then you may want to start off with a coarse grit, from then on use a higher grit to get a smoother finish.

Adding the Finish

Once the sanding has been finished now you have to decide how you want to finish your floors.  Do you want to stain them or not?  You can apply a polyurethane, you’re going to need a couple of coats to get the best finish.  No matter what you decide sanding them was the hardest part.

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